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International Franchise Expo 2013 Recap

23 Jun International Franchise Expo 2013 Recap

International Franchise Expo 2013 celebrates its 22nd Anniversary in New York City


The International Franchise Expo (IFE) 2013, which boasted 334 franchises from 94 countries around the world this year, celebrated its 22nd anniversary at the Jacob J. Javits Center from June 20 to 22nd. IFE is the largest franchise-themed exhibition in the world where an estimated 14,300 prospective franchisees and investors attended at this year’s event.

IFE attendees where able to partake in complimentary, yet comprehensively informative conferences led by some of the most respected experts in the business today, dealing with topics such as “Buying a Franchise,” “Franchising Your Business,” “Master Franchising.” “Franchisors Seeking Growth,” and “International Franchising.” At the same time, the expo provided a direct opportunity for franchisors and franchisees to connect in 1 on 1 basis, where both parties were able to accomplish their goals of finding new business opportunities.

The exhibitors at IFE 2013 also included eight of the most successful Korean franchises including Café Bene, Bonchon Chicken, Smoothie King, ChoonChun Chicken, Kkul Dak, Seoraester, BBQ, and Bentorang. Various promotional activities and tasting events provided opportunities for franchisees to learn and taste menu firsthand.

As a show of support and pride; these exhibitors were sponsored by the Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation (aT) in the hopes of spreading the word about the S. Korean franchise opportunities to the international market; not only in New York, but in Singapore, and Shanghai as well, where the franchises experienced growth in each market. Sogongdong, one of the most recognized franchises n Korea, finally succeeded in establishing the first U.S. franchise in NY after exhibiting at the NY Franchise Expo last year despite the challenges in the past, which was also a positive indication that these franchises do have a place in the international stage once the initial challenges can be overcome.

Tom Portesy, CEO of MFV Expositions (Global franchise corporation that organizes international franchise expos in NY, Houston, Anaheim, Mexico and UK) stated, “I’m sure that the S. Korean franchises will attain good outcomes in US because they were successful in satisfying the demand of such peculiar customers.” He also added, “Last April, I was able to learn more about eight S. Korean franchise brands by them participating in New York Franchise IR… I think that Korean franchises have effective systems, operations and services. With this characteristics, I believe that they have a competitive edge in the US market.” Postesy predicts that the growing recognition of S. Korean brands in combination of the healthy image of the food will help S. Korean franchises to achieve positive results in the US market in the long term.

The S. Korean government has consistent plans to assist S. Korean franchises to participate in international exhibitions. Franchise expos such as IFE is expected to drive growth of international franchisers and entrepreneurs, creating new opportunities where otherwise growth becomes increasingly difficult in terms of local market saturation and increasing regulations.

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